About Me


Welcome to Earthy Births!

My name is Amy Earnshaw and I am interested in all things pregnancy and birth related. Natural remedies, old wives tales and tapping into a woman’s incredible power just lights me up and I want to share the things I have learnt to enhance other’s experiences.

I am a trained placenta remedies specialist trained by IPEN – Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network, you can find out more about IPEN here. I have been interested in placenta remedies ever since encapsulating my own placenta after the birth of my third child. The smoothies and pills had such an amazing effect on me that I want to be able to share that with others. Read more about placenta remedies here.

I am a KGHypnobirthing teacher and you can find more about KGH here. I have seen the power of hypnobirthing so many times and I would love every woman to be able to do this course. It really can make all the difference. Read more about the course here.

Love Amy xx