What is KGHypnobirthing?

The reason I always say KGHypnbirthing instead of just hypnobirthing is because I really love the KG method and the face that it is so much more than hypnobirthing. It is a full birth preparation course.

This course gives you all the tools you need to prepare for your birth. We will cover:

  • Breathing techniques 
  • Relaxation scripts
  • Relaxation triggers
  • Knowledge of the body and birth
  • Role of the birth partner
  • How to stay in control of you choices

One thing you will learn during this course is that your body was made to birth your baby, and by the end of the course you will believe it can. Our society is filled with so many things that might make us fear birth or feel that birth is more powerful than us, but that is not possible!! Birth isn’t something that happens to you, it IS you. Preparation is key. Can you imagine a wedding with no prior preparation? Or a musician doing a gig without and rehearsals? 

Other features you will get from this course are:

  • How to write your birth wishes and what to include
  • What to take to hospital 
  • Perineal massage advice
  • Pelvic floor advice
  • Information about deviations such as antenatal complications or problems during labour

A big part of hypnobirthing is preparation and you will be asked to practice your techniques DAILY so when it comes to your birth, you are completely ready. You can do this!


The History of Hypnobirthing

People often think that hypnobirthing is a new thing, just for hippies or that it is just a fashion. Hypnobirthing has actually been around for decades and is based simply on the fact that birth is natural and we were made to do it. Think about organic food, it’s just food before it has been messed with! That’s a bit like what KGHypnobirthing aims to achieve. When we look at other mammals we can learn a lot from them. We like other mammals need safety, quiet, calm and we need to learn about what makes us different from other mammals, the neocortex. This is where hypnobirthing comes in.

Full KGH Course

Full KGH Course

This is the full KGHypnobirthing course and is aimed at anyone who hasn't done the course before. The optimal time to start this course is 20-34 weeks. It is normally split over four 4 sessions lasting 2-3 hours and is done in the comfort of your own home but this can be adapted to your needs.
KGH Refreshers

KGH Refreshers

This is a 3 hour session aimed at people who have taken a hypnobirthing course before so would like to just go over the main bits again to refresh their memory. You will receive an audio and scripts and with this session you have the flexibility of choosing exactly what you want to cover if you have a specific idea. Optimal time to do this course is 20-36 weeks. This session is done in the comfort of your own home.
Last min

Last min

It's never to late do a hypnobirthing course but sometimes time can be an issue. I always recommend doing the full KGH course if possible but if you find yourself over 36 weeks and wanting to complete a course with me then I offer this last min option that is run over 2 sessions 1 week apart to give you some time to absorb the information.
For all of my courses you will receive a welcome pack with the Hypnobirthing book, CD or MP3 file, notes to accompany the course and a few goodies! 
To book a course with me just contact me to arrange a date and time. I take a £50 deposit on booking.

Hypnobirthing will not promise you the perfect birth if there is such a thing. It does increase your comfort levels, it does help you stay calm and feel prepared, it helps you make the best decisions for you and your baby. Women who have done hypnobirthing courses and had more complicated births tell us that they are so glad they did the course. They feel they made the decisions they needed to for them and their babies, not that decisions were made for them. They were able to stay calm through stressful situations and were able to bond with their babies well. I contact all my clients and offer to meet with them after the birth of their babies, I love to hear your stories and continue to support you!