Placenta Remedies

Price List


Simple Dried Method – £170

  • The placenta is dehydrated in its original state to preserve as many nutrients and hormones as possible. This often has a more energetic effect so some find it best not to take these capsules before bed.

Traditional Chinese Method – £170

  • TCM pills are steamed with chilli, lemon and ginger prior to dehydrating. These have a heating effect on the body which is thought to be what is needed to heal postnatally in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These can have a more calming effect on the body compared to the Simple capsules.

50/50 Pills – £200

  • This is a great option if you are unsure which placenta pills you would like to choose, or think you may benefit from both depending on how you feel that day. You will receive 50% of the pills done in the Traditional Chinese Method and the other 50% in the Raw Dried Method.

Every placenta is unique so amounts of capsules can vary greatly. Normally you get between 90-250 capsules and the Traditional Chinese Method makes fewer capsules due to the steaming process shrinking the placenta. These will be delivered to you 24-48 hours from collection.

Creams and Balms

Body Bliss – £25, 120ml jar

  • This cream is fantastic to replace any body moisturiser but is particularly good for any skin problems such as eczema. It is largely oil-based making it rich and soothing for the skin, once infused with placenta oil it will do wonders for your skin.

Wonder Balm – £25, 120ml jar

  • This balm is fantastic for pretty much anything! It’s essential for nappy changes and cloth nappy friendly. It can be used for dry skin, chapped lips, sore nipples. It is made with all natural ingredients and has no essential oils in it making it safe to use from day 0.

Facial Freedom – £20, 50ml bottle

  • This cleansing and moisturising oil is super hydrating. It is to be used in place of your usual facial moisturiser but is also a wonderful replacement to your cleanser! It cleans and nourishes the skin to help it stay in perfect balance. 

Other Remedies

Placenta Smoothies – £30 (£20 when ordered with capsules)

  • Smoothies are a fantastic way to consume your placenta as the placenta is raw and as nature intended it to be consumed. Many women choose to have placenta smoothies before they begin taking their placenta pills. Each smoothie contains 2-4 tablespoons of placenta and it cannot be tasted or seen in the smoothie, they also need to be drank within 1 hour of preparation so will be prepared at the hospital or in your home. Please note smoothies cannot be made if meconium is present in the liquor at birth.

Total Placenta Smoothie Pack – £100

  • Make the most of your placenta in all of its raw goodness. Your entire placenta will be made into freezer packs for smoothies for you to make daily or as you need them. The amount of packs will differ depending on the placenta size.

Homeopathic Placenta Remedy – £50

  •  A small amount of placenta will be sent to a specialist homeopath on your behalf to create rescue remedies tailor made for you and your baby. These remedies works on an energetic level and can be used during times of emotional stress, illness, teething and for colic. You will receive one remedy of 30c potency for you and another of  7c potency for your baby approximately 2 weeks after collection. They can be kept indefinitely and a small amount will be kept for up to 5 years incase you wish to reorder more.

Placenta Essence – £40

  • Placenta essence is a great remedy to take daily. You can drink it your morning water, make a spray bottle to spritz on you when you need a pick me up, or take it whenever you feel you need a little boost. Essence works on an energetic level.

Placenta Tincture – £60

  • Placenta tincture is stronger than the essence and is used to balance the hormones. Take this when you are ill, under stress, before you have your monthly bleed and even save it for menopause. It is not to be taken daily.

Loveheart Cord Keepsake – Free (£15 for framed)

A dried keepsake of your baby’s cord in the shape of a heart, for you to keep forever.

Package Deals

Humble Pleasures – £210

  • Choice of Placenta TCM or Simple Dried Pills
  • 1 smoothie 
  • Placenta Essence
  • Heart Cord Keepsake (not framed)

Spoilt for Choice – £280

  • 50/50 Placenta Pills
  • 1 smoothie 
  • Placenta Tincture
  • Wonder Balm
  • Heart Cord Keepsake (framed)

Pick N Mix 

If you want a variety of products a package can be created for you at a discounted rate. Just send me a message with what you would like for an exact price.



When do I pay for my remedies?

  • Once you fill in the online booking form, details will be sent for you to make a £50 non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. The total amount needs to be paid by 37 weeks of pregnancy. Payment plans can be arranged so you can spread the cost.

How do I go about keeping my placenta?

You just need to let your community midwife know and write it in your birth plan. Your placenta is yours to do what you like with but make sure you tell the midwife who supports your birth too just so it doesn’t accidentally get thrown away after birth.  

How do I store my placenta once it’s birthed?

At 36-37 weeks of pregnancy I will send you a collection kit with everything you need store your placenta and full instructions on how to do so.

How soon will my placenta be collected?

This depends on the time and place of birth but I aim to collect your placenta within 12-24 hours of birth. Send me a message as soon as possible so I know to make arrangements, you can even send a quick message once you are in labour if you or your birthing partner feel able so I know it will be soon.

Is there any reason I won’t be able to consume my placenta?

  • If you have a uterine infection
  • If you smoked during pregnancy
  • If the placenta is sent away for testing

Meconium stained liquor (when the baby has a poo before you give birth) does not mean you cannot consume your placenta but it does mean you cannot have a placenta smoothie due to possible bacteria. It is however safe to encapsulate and would be thoroughly cleaned and the Traditional Chinese Method of encapsulation used instead of the Simple method.

Is there any reason I shouldn’t take placenta pills?

If you have the Traditional Chinese Method pills it is recommended you stop taking them if you feel ill, feverish or like you have any sort of infection. This is due to heating properties it is thought this method of encapsulation holds. I will be on the other end of the phone should you have any questions once you recieve your remedies. It is also important you contact your midwife should you feel ill in any way after you have had your baby. 

I don’t live in Halifax, West Yorkshire, can you still make my placenta remedies?

I will travel up to an hour and a half to collect the placenta which is quite a large radius from Halifax, including parts of York and Manchester. If you are unsure please contact me and I will see what I can do. 

How do I know my placenta will be cared for properly?

You can rest assured your placenta will be in safe hands. As well as being trained by IPEN who are the leading placenta encapsulation trainers in the UK, I also have up to date training and certificates in Infection Control, Food Hygiene and Safety and HACCP. I am fully insured and registered with EHO. I only care for one placenta at a time.

Are the benefits of placenta consumption guaranteed? 

Placenta remedies haven’t been researched much but in recent years it is becoming more a talked about subject and studies have been undertaken. Qualitative studies talk to women and find out how they feel after consuming their placenta. They have found the vast majority of women enjoy the well-known benefits of encapsulation. Quantitative studies look at the composition of placenta and how hormones, stem cells and nutrients may be affected during the encapsulation process. They have shown that these are present in the remedies, though in smaller quantities than they would expect for the benefits that women describe. Every women and placenta is different and the effects of placenta consumption like any natural remedy may differ from person to person. 

Can I meet with you to see if placenta remedies are right for me?

Absolutely! Send me a message and we can arrange a time to suit you and discuss anything you need with no obligation to use the services.